What our reviewers think...

Here's what Charles Spencer in the Telegraph thought of us at the Wam Bam Club

Look out in particular for the brilliantly named barbershop trio, Scales of the Unexpected, who in what they call literal choreography perform an action to suit almost every word they sing. The results are hilarious.

Here's a link to the full article...everyone agrees Wam Bam is a great night out...especially if we're performing!


Here's what they thought of us at Wam Bam's fourth birthday bash...

Harmony trio Scales of the Unexpected...can bring the house down with laughter                                                            Erotic Review Magazine

Scales of the Unexpected...brought the biggest applause of the evening - justifiably so                                                             Fluid London

Scales of the Unexpected...received a standing ovation and prompted an encore from the delighted band         Creative Boom Online Magazine

And here's what Heart FM's Nicola Bonn thought of us...

Without a doubt though, the highlight of the night was a group called Scales of the Unexpected. They were the antithesis to the phenomenon of the boy-band and entertained us by singing well-known pop-songs in the style of a barber-shop quartet. Add to that choreography that went from the sublime to the ridiculous and you had a performance that brought a smile to the longest of faces. If you want to laugh out loud then definitely try and see them. They are guaranteed to make you forget all your worries!

Celebrity reactions to Scales of the Unexpected...

That was great, guys   Ewan McGregor (after we sang one of his very own Moulin Rouge songs at him!)

Almost as good as my Bohemian Rhapsody Rolf Harris

You were brilliant! Amanda Holden

The incomparable Scales of the Unexpected...I nearly wet my Knickers! The lovely Lamb Chop Magoo

The highlight of my wedding day Duncan "Dragon's Den" Bannatyne in OK Magazine

G4 with Spunk! Frank Sanazi, the Crooning Dictator

Scales of the Unexpected - what a great name! Rory Bremner

Which way to the bathroom, please? Cherie Lunghi

...And what our audience thinks

I never thought any musical cabaret could make me laugh more than Flanders and Swan - but I've been proven wrong - my laughter muscles are still hurting. Scales are the best thing in musical comedy today!

Scales are definitely a crowd puller and worth the squash...they really were terrific and I would love to see the show again.

I was immensely impressed by Scales and have not laughed quite so much in a long time.

Haven't heard anything as good since The Kings Singers.

Scales Of The Unexpected...perform not just cover versions of known pop hits, but segue them together in such a clever way, it borders on Joycean wordplay. They get through what must be the best part of fifty songs in twenty minutes. And they can really, really sing.

We do all our own stunts