Who Are Scales of the Unexpected?

Ten years ago three gifted young men were imprisoned for crimes against music that they did not commit. They promptly escaped from BALC, the Bananarama Academy of Literal Choreography, into the London Underground. Today, still wanted by the Academy, they survive as a vocal harmony group. If you have a musical problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can call...

Scales of the Unexpected!

Bryan Pilkington, Ian Bass and Ian Brandon

IAN BASS - Little Ian

Ian is an actor and illustrator. Before he was imprisoned by the nefarious agents of BALC he did some proper acting like The Importance of Being Earnest, Taming of the Shrew and Look Back In Anger. Fortunately since his escape he has found that Scales is a lot more fun! His first book, The Vesuvius Club Graphic Edition, adapted from the novel by Mark Gatiss, is in the shops. He does lots of other illustration too.


Ian is an actor, musician, composer and musical director. He writes the music and vocal arrangements for Scales' sensational shows. He's written original music for films, plays and recordings and can knock up a brilliant song in no time at all! He trained at the London School of Musical Theatre and spent ages doing proper acting and singing before being unjustly imprisoned at the Bananarama Academy.



Bryan spent four years studying to be a doctor before realising he didn't like to look at people's down belows and he'd rather make 'em laugh instead. He trained to be a proper actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has done lots of proper work like Amadeus and Sweeny Todd in London's West End. He trained to be a member of Scales during his long imprisonment at the Bananarama Academy. He is a dab hand on the cello.

Ian Brandon, Ian Bass and Bryan Pilkington